Lab Members

Angella Volchko, PhD Student
Mechanical Engineering
Bio-inspired controls and soft robotics.

Eugene Rush, PhD Student
Mechanical Engineering
Bio- and neuro-inspired autonomous robotic navigation.

Mantas NarisPhD Student
Soft actuators design and controls.

Leopold Beuken, PhD Student
Mechanical Engineering
UAV disturbance rejection through distributed body strain sensing.

Bethany Calvert, PhD Student
Mechanical Engineering
Bio-inspired modeling and control for unmanned autonomous vehicles.


Zoe TurinPhD Student
Mechanical Engineering
Controls and robotics.

Alec Letsinger, MS Student
Mechanical Engineering
Machine learning approaches for guidance, navigation, and control of aircraft.

Joshua Priest, MS Student
Mechanical Engineering
Dynamic system modeling through distributed IMU sensing and physics based deep learning.

Tyler Scripps, UG Student
Computer Science Engineering

Grace FarsonPh.D. Student
Mechanical Engineering
Implementing explainable artificial intelligence into platforms with performance guarantees. 


Dylan Ramaswamy, MS Student (2023)
Reactive motion planning and 3D perception for agile autonomous robots.

Luís Bonet Ortuño, MS Student (2023)
Robotics and prosthetics.

Dr. Shakeeb AhmadPhD Student (2022)
Reactive motion planning and 3D perception for agile autonomous robots.

Dr. Michael OhradzanskyPhD Student (2022)
Bio-inspired perception, control, and navigation algorithms for autonomous robots.

Jonathan Bosnich, UG Student (2021)
Control of soft actuators.

Xavier Ruiz, MS Student (2021)
Autonomous air vehicles design to achieve navigation and performance objectives using ROS and C++.

Emily Ranquist, PhD Student (2021)
Controls systems for aerospace applications.

Dr. Jishnu Keshavan, Senior Research Associate, PhD Student (2012)
Intersection of bioinspired vision and nonlinear estimation/control theory for enabling autonomous obstacle avoidance by unmanned ground/aerial robots in cluttered environments.

Dr. Badri Narayanan Ranganathan, Research Associate, PhD Student (2017)
Dynamics and control of autonomous vehicles, bioinspired sensing, optic flow, avionics design, flow sensing, embedded firmware development, MEMS sensor design and fabrication.

Dr. Cosima Schunk, Research Associate
Flapping wing flight dynamics, bio-inspired robotics, system identification.

Zachary Edward Ott, PhD Student
Control of UAVs/quadcopters for urban navigation and modeling of soft tissue robotics to support growing fields and contribute to the future of industry.

Prashant Ganesh, MS Student
Control and dynamics of UAVs, bio-inspired sensing, distributed accelerometers, hovercraft.

Renee Campbell, MS Student (2012)
Flight dynamics and controls, system identification, bio-inspired sensing, navigation using wide-field integration of optic flow.

Nicholas Kostreski, MS Student (2012)
Control and dynamics of flapping wing vehicles, insect flight kinematics and bio-inspired sensing techniques.

Dr. Mac MacFarlane, PhD Student (2017)
Aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics as they apply to reduced order modeling of flapping wing flight dynamics.

Dr. Lina Castano, Postdoctoral Scholar, PhD Student (2015)
Compliant sensors, capacitive strain measurements, distributed sensors on wings for detection of structural deformation as a tool to improve navigation and gust response.

Dr. Joseph Conroy, Postdoctoral Scholar, PhD Student (2010)
Avionics design/development, system identification, control of micro air vehicles, and optic flow-based visual navigation.

Dr. Kedar Dimble, PhD Student (2013)
Electrostatic analysis of underwater objects, fish dynamics and motion modeling, application of boundary element methods to underwater electric fields, wide-field integration processing, control oriented robotic implementation of electrolocation.

Dr. Jared Grauer, Associated PhD Student (Morpheus Lab)
Dynamics and control of exotic vehicles, system identification, avionics development.

Dr. Imraan Faruque, Research Faculty, Postdoctoral Scholar, PhD Student (2011)
Flapping wing flight dynamics, UAV and MAV flight control, system identification.

Dr. Evan Ulrich, Associated PhD Student (AGRC)
Bio-inspired micro robotics (design & control), biological structures, flight dynamics (rotary & flapping), and human space flight.

Dr. Greg Gremillion, PhD Student (2014)
Dynamics and control of autonomous vehicles, bio-inspired sensing and guidance, emphasizing a convergence of multiple sensing modalities, computer vision, system identification.

Derek Miller, MS Student (2012)
Attitude stabilization and autonomous navigation of a micro-quadrotor helicopter.

Doug Szczublewski, MS Student (2012)
Flight dynamics and control, aircraft system identification, UAV and MAV avionics.

Scott Owen, MS Student (2009)
Flight dynamics, control, stochastic properties of wide-field integrated optic flow measurements.

Nil Gurel, MS Student (2016)
Bio-inspired visual processing, analog VLSI, ocelli sensing for angular velocity and attitude estimation.

Dr. Jason Vance, Postdoctoral Scholar (2010)
Insect flight biomechanics and aerodynamics, with a focus on mechanisms for gust rejection, kinematic and aerodynamic responses to wing wear, comparative sensory-limitations to maneuverability, and ontogeny and ecology of maximal flight performance.

Dr. Hector Escobar, PhD Student (2015)
Bio-inspired visual processing, embedded systems, flight dynamics and control.

Cyrus Abdollahi, MS Student (2010)
Aircraft system identification, flight dynamics, helicopter aerodynamics, controls and flight testing.

Bryan Patrick, MS Student (2010)
Control theory, flight dynamics, insect vision, optic flow.

Dr. Andrew Hyslop, PhD Student (2010)
Interpretation of insect tangential cells used for processing of optic flow, stabilization and navigation of 6-DOF platforms using wide-field integration of optic flow.

Alex Dean, MS Student (2015)
Wind and gust sensing, bio-inspired hair sensors, disturbance rejection, estimation and control.

Julia Ashkanazy, MS Student (2015)
Biologically inspired navigational strategies using atmospheric scattering patterns.

Michael Chinn, MS Student (2008)
MAV control, optic flow using infrared cameras.

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