Collision Avoidance and Local Guidance Based on Insect Visual Motion Processing

Sponsor: AFRL-Eglin (Johnny Evers)
Investigators: PI: Pat Shoemaker (Tanner Research, Inc.), Co-PIs: Sean Humbert (UMD), David O’Carroll (Univ of Adelaide)

Flying insects display remarkable capabilities for local guidance and obstacle avoidance based on their visual sense. We have investigated the integration of biomimetic visual motion detection (Shoemaker, O’Carroll) for maneuvering, flight control and collision avoidance on ground and aerial platforms. The control theory (Humbert) is based on a model for wide-field neurons (tangential cells) that spatially integrate local optic flow estimates. The outputs of these integrators are applied as feedback signals for direct control of vehicle dynamics. When combined, these algorithms provide a reflexive capability for avoiding collisions and centering in clutter.

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