Our Research

The Bio-Inspired Perception and Robotics Laboratory (BPRL) is a facility in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder that conducts research and development in the area of biologically inspired robotics. We seek to distill the fundamental sensing, processing and feedback principles that govern robust behavior in organisms to enable new classes of robotic systems with improved agility, locomotion and autonomy. The lab actively focuses on the following research areas:

  • Reduction principles in biology
  • Novel sensorimotor feedback architectures
  • Dynamics of highly flexible synthetic systems
  • Sensor- and actuator-rich feedback control
  • Integration of embedded hardware/software systems and communications
  • Bio-inspired sensors and sensory processing
  • Low-power, lightweight arrayed MEMS and analog VLSI based avionics
  • Rotary, fixed and flapping wing UAS flight mechanics, stability and control
  • Insect-inspired mechanisms for gust rejection
  • Autonomous navigation, planning and collision avoidance

Recent News

Our paper “Reactive Control and Metric-Topological Planning for Exploration” [ PDF Preprint ] is accepted to ICRA 2020.

(March 2020)

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