Graduate Courses

MCEN 6228: Robust Multivariable Control, Spring 2017
Mathematical framework for analysis and synthesis of robust controllers for multivariate, uncertain systems. Singular values, matrix norms, signal and system norms in the time and frequency domain. Loopshaping and generalization of Bode design principles. Uncertainty modeling and the structured singular value (μ). Robust stability and performance, limitations on achievable performance due to uncertainty. Modern synthesis techniques from the linear matrix inequality (LMI) perspective including H2 and H synthesis, H mixed sensitivity and loopshaping design, and μ-synthesis. Prerequisites: ASEN 5014.

ENAE788C: Insect Flight Dynamics and Control, Spring 2007, 2010
An in-depth analysis of the major topics related to insect flight: dynamics (6-DOF equations of motion), actuation (biomechanics and unsteady aerodynamics of flapping flight), sensing (visual processing and mechanoreception), and control (dynamic modeling, sensory feedback, and sensor fusion). Primary emphasis is on the modeling and distillation of fundamental biological principles for guidance, navigation, and flight control applications in microsystems.

ENAE742: Robust Multivariable Control, Spring 2012, 2015
Limitations on achievable performance in multivariable feedback systems due to uncertainty. Singular values, matrix norms, multivariable Nyquist stability theory, uncertainty modeling in aerospace systems. Loop-shaping, generalization of Bode design principles. Characterizing the uncertainty, robustness and performance analysis, and synthesis, primarily in the frequency domain. Current research directions. Aerospace examples are used to complement the theory.

ENAE642: Atmospheric Flight Control, Spring 2008, 2011, 2014
Application of modern multivariable control and estimation techniques to aerospace flight vehicles, including fixed wing aircraft, missiles, and micro-air-vehicles. Translation of performance and handling quality specifications into control system designs. Discussion of sensing and actuation technologies with an emphasis on MAV size, weight, and power constraints.

Undergraduate Courses

MCEN 2043: Dynamics, Fall 2016
Kinematics and dynamics of three dimensional motion of particles and rigid bodies. Primary emphasis on Newtonian methods including concepts of impulse, momentum, energy and work. Prerequisites: MCEN 2023.

MCEN 4228/5228: Feedback Control, Fall 2017
Introduction to fundamental principles and techniques for analysis and synthesis of feedback control systems in the time and frequency domains. Linearization, review of linear system response, frequency response, transfer functions and Bode diagrams. Closed loop system analysis including root locus, Nyquist criterion, gain and phase margins. Compensation design with lead, lag and PID controllers. Translation of closed loop performance requirements into open loop constraints. Model uncertainty and robustness. Introduction to state space representations and state feedback control. Prerequisites: MCEN 4043.

ENAE301: Dynamics of Aerospace Systems, Fall 2005, 2006
Kinematics and dynamics of three dimensional motion of point masses and rigid bodies with introduction to more general systems. Primary emphasis on Newtonian methods. Practice in numerical solutions and computer animation of equations of motion using MATLAB.

ENAE432: Control of Aerospace Systems, Spring 2006
An introduction to the feedback control of dynamic systems. Laplace transforms and transfer function techniques; frequency response and Bode diagrams. Stability analysis via root locus and Nyquist techniques. Performance specifications in time and frequency domains, and design of compensation strategies to meet performance goals.

ENAE403: Aircraft Flight Dynamics, Fall 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
Study of motion of aircraft, equations of motion, aerodynamic force representation, longitudinal and lateral motions, response to controls and to atmospheric disturbances, handling qualities criteria and other figures of merit.

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