Hawkmoth: A Bio-Inspired, Hover Capable Nano UAV

Sponsor: US Army VTD (Mark Valco)
Investigators: PI: Sean Humbert (UMD), Co-PIs: Paul Samuel (Daedalus Flight Systems)

The HawkMoth project is focused on the development of a hover-capable flapping wing nanoscale UAV. The fundamental objective of the project is to develop a vehicle that possesses agility approaching that seen in both hawk moths and hummingbirds. Hence, the configuration under consideration has a target mass of 10 grams and a wing span on the order of 150 mm, and consists of two flapping wings that provide both thrust and primary control forces. It has been theorized that, during hover, insects and humming birds achieve fine, precise control of their wings by using small muscles to make fine adjustments of the stiffness of the wing hinge rather than changing the gross geometry of the hinge. Thus, wing hinge compliance modification will be investigated as the primary means for controlling the HawkMoth UAV. In addition, it has been observed that during hover, both hawk moths and humming birds constantly move their abdomens in a rapid twitching motion. It is theorized that this motion provides stability augmentation primarily though an inertial mechanism. Thus, the use of an active, nonaerodynamic tail will be investigated as a meant for hover stability augmentation in the HawkMoth UAV.

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