AFOSR Center of Excellence on Nature Inspired Flight Technologies and Ideas (NIFTI)

Sponsor: AFOSR
Investigators: Sean Humbert (CU – Institute Lead); Tom Daniel (UW – Director, Institute Lead); Pamela Abshire (UMD – Institute Lead); Cindy Moss (Johns Hopkins – Institute Lead); Mark Willis (CWRU – Institute Lead)

The Air Force Center of Excellence on Nature-Inspired Flight Technologies and Ideas (NIFTI) focuses on revealing principles of design and architecture in natural systems in order to inspire the next generation of autonomous systems capable of flight in complex environments. NIFTI’s multi-institute team of researchers brings expertise in engineering, neuroscience, animal behavior, and computational approaches to collectively “reverse engineer” the processes by which natural systems accomplish challenging flight-related behaviors.

NIFTI Projects being performed at CU include: Mechanosensory Feedback for Improved Disturbance and Gust Rejection; Control Theoretic Framework for Sensory-Rich Feedback Architectures; Echolocation and Visual Motion for Robust Environment Perception

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